"My husband started riding a few years before and it honestly scared me to think of ever doing that.. Lol seemed impossible actually. Then one day I was driving and saw a girl biker and I was like .. Yup!!! I want to learn."

- Charity Fahr

Charity Fahr // Northern Saskatchewan's Moto Babe

and also one of the cutest people you'll ever meet.

I arrived in Prince Albert SK on a smokin' hot summer day - I was there to attend the Northbound Brodown to, despite the name, find women who ride as a part of my Women of Moto project.  When we first arrived, and looked around, we quickly realized we were legit at a BROdown - but after a few introductions we were promised we would find a woman on a bike at the next day's chopper ride and show.

We were not disappointed.

Waiting patiently with my camera in hand, pretending that I was fine dressed in all black gear in +35 degrees - the first thing I noticed was the rainbow mirrored bubble shield - then the helmet -->

Stoked, to say the least, I hurried over to introduce myself and my project and make arrangements for a photoshoot and interview.  {See below}

I am super excited that we get to return to PA for the Brodown again this year.

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Q+A with Charity Fahr

How long have you been riding? 3 years

What kind of motorcycle do you ride and why? Suzuki gs400t and Suzuki 100… my 100 is like my town cruiser .. It’s just so fricken fun!!! And my 400 is my town/wherever/highway bike. I just like suzukis.. No reason. Lol

What is your dream bike? A triumph!!!

Were you intimidated by the male dominance in the riding community? Not really. I did/do feel the urge to hold my own though and not be viewed as a weak rider. If that makes sense.

Did you have female friends that rode who helped you get started? No. My husband honestly has been the absolute best!!! He helped me and was so excited when I started. And our great friend Jaret helped a lot too.

What do you do for a living? Nail technician

How has riding helped you in your personal and professional life? Definitely given me more confidence. When you push yourself to do something that is out of your comfort zone and you end up loving it … it flows over into so many other areas of your life. Gives you a “I can do it” attitude.

Do you have any women in the moto industry that you are inspired by? Why? Any women actually.. Whether I see them on instagram or just riding around.. Its just so good to see women breaking the barrier of what may seem or has been seen in the past as just a man’s thing to do. And it just keeps inspiring me in my riding.

Have you experience any competitiveness or negativity in the women’s moto community? Actually never… I usually ride with about 15 awesome chopper dudes, but any women that I’ve been blessed to get to know through riding (locally and abroad) they are all amazing women!

How do you feel you have broken stereotypes as a female rider? It’s hard to explain.. I feel like no one ever expected me to be a female rider.. So that in itself I feel like I broke a stereotype. You know. I’m a nail techin… church going.. Coffee sipping.. Kitty loving kind of girl haha just no one expects me to be into biking.

Where do you see the women’s moto movement/culture in Canada heading over the next few years? Definitely expanding! It would be sooo rad to have a big event in Canada for all us female riders. Like a babes ride out kinda thing.

Why do you think women’s moto events/groups/projects are becoming so popular? I think it helps empower women.. And to help us hold our own. There Is way more to us women in the motorcycle scene than what has been portrayed on so many magazines or instagram accounts.(ya'll know what I'm saying).

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