Kristin Whitehead

Kristin has been in the world of racing (a world dominated by men) since 2010. This atypical mother is supported in her sport by her friends and husband Chad. “I would like to nominate my wife,” Chad writes to Rebelle Moto. “She is the motor of women’s racing in our region. She has inspired several women to try the sport, to overcome their fears and be courageous in the face of doubt. I am proud of her and I believe she should be recognized for her hard work.”

*words by Catherine David, Revolution Motorcycle Mag

Kira Williams

As for Kira, she is not afraid to get her hands dirty. She is curious, empathetic, generous and inspires women through her positive leadership. This passionate woman also organized the International Female Ride Day in Darmouth this year

and formed a starting group at Pro Cycle to accompany beginners to the Backroad Ball in the neighbouring province. She is a skilled craftsperson and owns Windburn Jewellery, an online jewelry boutique inspired by the motorcycle