World's Largest Mallard Duck | Andrew, AB

#ridelocal #supportlocal // If you live in Alberta, visiting the world’s largest Mallard Duck is a def must. Weighing in at 1 tonne with a wingspan of 23 feet, the Village of Andrew is home to the world's largest mallard duck. There is a waterfowl sanctuary about 2kms away on one of the major waterfowl flyways in Alberta. The town erected this guy in 1992 as a symbol for their village.

The Village of Andrew is located at the junction of Highways 855 and 45 (about one hour east of Edmonton). The grounds offer benches and loads of room for a social distance lunch, and @andrewsoriginal2019 is serving up delicious food curbside right across the street – perfect for a picnic lunch! Leaving from North Edmonton, we cruised up through Gibbons, over to Redwater, then Smoky Lake where we headed south to Andrew. Some of the roads are a bit choppy, but if you tough it out you will be gifted with smooth pavement and glorious sweeping turns!